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A community is not a community without people and a community that is not developed will never thrive. As a women's organisation, at AgangSechaba we strongly believe in developing communities; one woman, one child at a time. Our passion drives us to partner with other women in less privileged communities, give a hand and help take them from one level in life to a higher and better one, empowering them through projects that will one day become self-sustainable. We are part of the 'village' that helps raise children who have no-one to call on for help from basic necessities such as food and clothing to education programme

Providing tertiary educational opportunities for the predominantly youth headed households and other underprivileged children thereby enabling self-development and the growth of others.

To make a meaningful contribution that enhances the lives of youth who come from predominantly youth headed households.

A committed and accountable TEAM, which strives for high levels of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Making a difference in the lives of youth who come from predominantly youth headed households.


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AgangSechaba Trust is a registered NPO that was founded in 2008 and focuses on tertiary education to enable children primarily from youth headed households and under privileged circumstances to live a fully realised life.

AgangSechaba is made up of professional women passionate about empowering others who are less privileged, and therefore engage in community development by identifying destitute child headed learners through partnership with educators, educational institutions and other NPO’s with similar synergies. We are driven by commitment to improve the lives of our children which in turn will change the face of our communities.

AgangSechaba women all have full time jobs, they have dedicated their time to improving the quality of life of the children they come across because they know and understand that Government alone is not able to change the face of our communities.

The success of AgangSechaba has been due to donor funding as well as fundraising initiatives hosted and funded by AgangSechaba.

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